Farrier Services
Jimmy Petty is a Certified Farrier with the American Farrier Association and has been shoeing since 1990. 
Jimmy's childhood was spent helping out in the barn at a very young age.  He was a horseman before he was a farrier.  His grandfather raised, trained and sold horses and taught Jimmy very early on that horsemanship was a very important part of shoeing, one often overlooked by a lot of farriers.  Jimmy has rehabilitated countless numbers of abused and mishandled horses.  He also learned a lot from helping his uncle, who was a graduate of Oklahoma farrier school.  He started finishing feet for his uncle at the age of nine.  He became a profesional camel trainer for Heritage USA by the age of 13. 
He served his first apprenticeship outside the family under Bob Warner.  Bob was a horse trainer and third generation calvery farrier.  He worked for Bob 7 days a week, 45 hours a day shoeing and training horses.
Jimmy served a second apprenticeship under Barrick Keener.  Barrick's specialty was shoeing on race tracks in Florida.
Jimmy is an NC Horseshoers Association member, American Farrier Association member and a Certified Farrier.  He is constantly building his skillset by attending clinics and farrier's meetings. 
Trims start at: $40
Shoes on the front start at $75
Shoes all around start at $85